Will It Be Long Before SEO Is On Life Support?

Some would argue that time is already here. Gone are the days where you can just throw up any affiliate site and expect to make money within a few hours or days. The SEO game has changed, thus more and more marketers are looking for new ways of generating web traffic. People are just outright sick of the endless updates, site penalties and many other shortcomings that come with the strenuous SEO battle.

Now don’t get me wrong, SEO is not 100% dead, but it has lost what I would call majority of its life span over the years. Search engine marketing is still beneficial in some cases, but only in a few business models.

For instance, search marketing is a complete waste of time if your are building websites for affiliate marketing competing with thousands if not millions of other affiliates trying to rank for high competition keywords only to either make it to the top of google and still not generate any sales or not make it at all because of an unexpected Google update.

The Only Time You Should Consider Doing SEO

If you are or have been thinking about becoming a search engine consultant for small local businesses, then this is one of the only times that SEO would become valuable and essential in your business. It is far easier to rank for local search terms since the competition is low and its a more narrower scope of targeting in the market because you are marketing for a company in a specific city or state.

If you are really interested in SEO in general, then you should definitely check our Eric Lancheres’ Panda Breakthrough course.  And for becoming a local consultant, you can’t go wrong with Joe Troyer’s Local Lead Gen Mastery course, which I have a close partner of mine who has purchased it and gave me an inside look. I must say it is one of the high quality courses that I’ve seen when it comes to local businesses.

Also, if you are branding yourself in a positive way and not trying to game the search engines to make a quick buck, then Google will reward you gradually for your SEO efforts if you are providing good unique content.

But that still doesn’t mean you should rely on it as a primary traffic source.

Doing SEO For Affiliate Marketing is Dead

Now I hope I don’t offend or upset anyone for saying this, but I feel its the truth, and the facts that remain among the IM community concerning this would tell you that I’m not completely out of the ball park with this statement, and it won’t be long before its a primary significance in our marketplace.

If you are interested in doing any kind of affiliate marketing, whether its CPA, promoting Clickbank products etc, you must do everything you can to learn media buying and forms of paid traffic.

I’m not saying you can’t make money with affiliate sites, but the days are slowly and surely coming where paid traffic is going to have to be one of the initial options of traffic generation if you expect to make any money in the affiliate marketing world.

On another note, there are people out there that are having success with SEO in building websites, creating content in order to flip/sell the site later on in order to make a good payday. I have finally started looking into learning from other peoples mistakes when looking at search marketing.

Some of the most well respected search engine gurus who where dominating back in the day, may still be successful, but not in the same way as they have had to change their strategy in order to stay on top. If anyone who enjoys SEO is reading this, I hope to not discourage you if its your passion to go through the process. I’m just stating the facts and my personal opinion why people who are just getting started in IM should probably stay away from search marketing due to the fact they may get overwhelmed and give up in an early stage.

In closing, the current business model that you choose will determine if you should or shouldn’t pursue SEO. Which ever you choose, think about it carefully, weigh the pros and the cons to see if your efforts will return a reasonable gain in the long run. I hope that this information was at least a little helpful to someone, either way it is something I had to get off my chest.

I hope you all achieve your success in this life 🙂

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Aaron - March 5, 2017

I would really urge you to not start with affiliate marketing. I don’t want you to waste a few years of time like I did. Please check out Jim Cockrum’s blog post below to see what I mean. I would also urge you to read the 2 free chapters of his book. Trust me on this one.


Brian Rodd - March 4, 2017

Hey, regarding affiliate marketing – are there any ideas about improving conversions on a varied webpage? I have a file uploading website and as such it’s very to match products to the visitor. Many thanks

    Aaron - March 5, 2017

    The main thing you should be focusing on is creating your own information product to start with. Also, how did you manage to come across my blog anyway?


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