Why I Will Never Be Involved In MLM

This is a warning to all passionate MLM lovers out there, this post might cause some controversy.  So read at your own discretion.

Now since I have that out of the way, today I want to discuss some bitter truths as to why I choose not to participate in what I’d say is a sleazy unethical business model. Even though there are those who are having some success in the mlm arena, its largely due to shady practices that are preyed among people who are and continue to become subjects to hype, false promises, and are somewhat naive desperately seeking to make an honest living online.

The Never Ending Recruiting Game

If you are in any business opportunity where your only ability to generate income is solely dependent upon how many people you recruit and how much money they spend, then you know what I’m implying here. I’ve heard testimonies of others in the past that actually were doing pretty decent in mlm, but have decided not to be apart of it any longer because they had trouble sleeping at night.

How badly people will fail under you will determine your success in the multi level pyramid. Not to mention the saturation that comes with the system itself, or whatever network marketing company you choose to join.

Take Empower Network for instance, which is one of the largest multi level companies out there that requires you to spend thousands of dollars in order to have a chance at making any significant earnings. Plain and simple, there is a false since of morality in multi level marketing where a person is caught up in the illusion of helping someone to “help” others when really they are just blowing smoke.

The Ugly MLM Facade

The sad, yet painful truth is that of all the people that are associated with mlm, well over 90% make less than $100 dollars a month. And then you have those die hard mlm’ers that have the argument (as to Empower Network) “well they give you your own website and host it for you too”.

That may sound good, but just like with any multi level program you are building someone else’s business rather than your own and selling more of an abstract illusion than actually providing any real value in the marketplace.

And the saturation of everyone promoting the same exact squeeze page and many other factors makes it completely obvious why its a rigged system that is set up for the few at the top.

Overall, my point is you should properly learn how to market and brand yourself. You will build a much more solid standing asset that way.

The Normalcy Bias Mindset

My last point is to address those who are so blinded by their emotional biases even after they’ve coughed up thousands into a particular program only to be lead straight into a ditch, are still convinced that it was worth it. So they will disregard all the deceptions of being lied to in order to hold on to the illusion of “seeing the bright side of it”.

Either way that money could have been invested in building their own brand and would’ve served a much greater purpose.

Truth be told, if you are someone who is making a killing in mlm, the question is at whose expense? It would be one thing If you were doing affiliate marketing or selling your own product and making a lot of money in the process, because at the same time you’re actually giving someone a solution to a specific problem, thus giving true value.

Not by perpetuating the cycle of duping people into investing in an inflated idea of simply telling them to hand you their money and to teach others to do the same.

In closing, I’m not telling people not to join network marketing programs, its a choice that you have to feel is right for yourself. Whatever you decide, make sure you are actually adding value and have peoples interests at heart.

When you do that you’ll get good peace of mind of the quality you’ve given someone, which I feel is priceless.

My take on this subject is not to promote hate towards mlm’ers, but you all know it is a sense of information that cannot be refuted, and if you’ve been in IM for any length of time you can be certain that my claims have some relevancy in this industry.

Hope you all continue to strive for the best and never give up no matter how dire things may get. Always stay positive and focused. In time, your efforts will bring forth the rewards you desire. 🙂




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