Why I Will Never Be Involved In MLM (part 2 continued)

As you all have read in my previous post concerning this topic, I have never respected mlm and actually despise it.

Here are a few more examples of why I forbid myself from taking part in such a treacherous opportunity.

The Worshiping of Top Performers

What really irritates me is when I see people that are associated with network marketing constantly praising the company owners and top performers as if they are all mighty gods. They do it in an cult like behavior as they talk more about the success of the few who are ruling the pyramid.

Don’t take this the wrong way people, we need leaders to look up to and motivate us in whatever we want to do, but to put them on a divine pedestal and glorify them instead of using that same amount of effort and energy to help newer recruits is out right disgusting on so many levels and pretty much a damn shame in my opinion.

Bigoted Antagonistic Members

Some of you may or may not have experienced this, but I had a close friend that was involved with Empower Network for a couple months and the hatred that was displayed upon her was excruciating. She would often go to the private Facebook group asking for guidance or help on certain technical issues. And the cult like zombies would start throwing derogatory statements at her saying she was being negative and should stop acting like a coward.

Oh and lets not forget the “don’t be a wussy go all in” trance that continues to be touted around constantly.

If she had any suggestions or opinions that were contrary to the majority, she would be made out to be an outcast and humiliated for even trying to bring some new ideas to the table.

Duplicate Templates, Landing Pages Etc.

I may have mentioned this in my previous post, but in these network marketing programs its so common to see everyone advertising the exact same squeeze page templates and website headers. There is really no individuality in mlm to where a person has a chance to develop any type of uniqueness for their business. It’s all about about branding the system and the few at the top rather than establishing yourself as a marketer in a distinctive way.

And anytime you try to make an attempt to encourage members to branch out on their own you are made to look like some lunatic who seems to have some screws loose. The same dedication that you show towards mlm should be executed the more so in building your very own brand.

I’m sure some of you will agree in my stance against mlm, but what I am really interested in are the responses from those that are all for this business model.

Please let me know your own perspective on this in the comments below.




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Fred - January 7, 2016

Hi Aharon,

I took a look at one of them, and backed away rapidly. The whole thing was geared at just selling what you were buying in to. I could see no benefit in that. The “training” was, trying to put this politely :), dire. The business ethics were highly questionable and as you have said the level of vitriol aimed at those who had the temerity to question anything was frankly astounding. I thought I’d wandered into one of the old Usenet groups set up for people to vent at each other on.
MLM seems to be aimed at those who money is the be all and end all and tough to anyone you step on to get it.

Have fun!

Christine - September 7, 2015

Hey Aaron,

Great post. I have/am involved in network marketing and yes, you are right there is far too much adoration of the ones who do well and little help for those of us who are struggling.

Having said that though I still think it’s a good business model.

I will endeavour to keep on trying to be an “overnight” success.



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