Should You Tell Family & Friends About Your IM Ventures?

You know the strange look from parents or peers when you first started telling them about your online occupations.

Most of us have been there, but it seems that we may struggle to explain what it is we actually do.

Being an entrepreneur, its very common to have people around you calling your goals pipe dreams and them not really understanding that you are business minded and take it very seriously.

Knowing When To Shut Up

Majority of us aren’t gifted with having parents of an entrepreneurial spirit, so it is very vital to obtain self control and retrain from being hostile towards loved ones even if they do may seem to shatter your dreams with negativity and doubt. If you have family such as this, it is best not to say a single word at all or at least until you have results to show.

Unfortunately, family members assume that since you own an online business it should be no problem for you to lay success out on a silver platter for them. They may seem to think they want it just as bad as you do when it comes to succeeding in business, but they find out just how wrong they are when you give them tough love in showing them real work is required. Many marketers prefer to keep things quiet and only discuss things with like minded individuals which is very wise to do.

Not Being Afraid To Say No

If you do decide to inform family about your earnings, from there it will seem they may then often have needs or wants that were never present prior to them finding out how much money you make. Don’t fall for any reverse psychology that may be used to try to portray you as being selfish or self centered just because you choose not to bail them out in certain situations that life brings. They must apprehend the fact of all the sacrifices and hard experiences you went through in order to get to this point and time.

As years have gone by when you’ve watched them waste money on the most senseless things without giving it a second thought, that should tell you right off the bat they won’t have the discipline to do right by you with your hard earned money.

Let me be clear and iterate that I’m surely not advising that anyone should be cruel or heartless towards family, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere to show that you don’t take this lightly. Necessities such as food, water, and household items may be the only time that your benevolent help to them is truly needed.

You Are Not Alone

Each and every day more entrepreneurs are popping up left and right going through many hardships that some of us do and continue to face when it comes to the criticism of our dear loved ones. Talking with those who are in the same boat as you will help ease your mind because you will be able to relate to one another. Interacting on forums gives you a since of direction when hearing how people persevered through many hapless situations.

Just always remember to strive hard and be sober minded because your breakthrough might be right around the corner when you least expect it.

I hope I was able to give some sort of inspiration is this short message, and hopefully some of you may share how you deal with family or those that shoot your dreams down at times.

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Hilbert Lim - November 9, 2015

Hi Aaron,

It’s so true to hear your voice in this kind of situation, where our family and love ones are very negative to our online endeavor.

Dealing with their criticisms and bad impressions with our online thing is really an issue, but with silence and perseverance to reach our goal would certainly gives us the sense of right direction.

You absolutely nailed this down Aaron such that you gave me this hope to persevere what my end goal in this Internet Marketing GAME I played.

Keep posting.

Hilbert Lim


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