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Well folks this is Aaron here and my very first post. I hope you enjoy the information that I bring concerning the online community in the IM space. Over the coming weeks, months, and years I will be sharing a lot of details of my personal experience in online marketing.

I will also talk about business, finance, etc from time to time. I am new to this community and want to share my journey with you all. 🙂

I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing internet marketing for a few years prior to actually getting started with a good reliable coaching program by a very down to earth honorable man. And that man is John Thornhill. He is one of the few mentors that I have seen that actually practices what he preaches in this industry.

Out of all the IM products I’ve seen online, 97% of them are nothing but pure trash, 2% of them are fairly decent and you may somewhat benefit or find useful knowledge in them, and only 1% are really good high quality products that have your best interest at heart to provide you with the right necessary skill sets in order to become successful.

Well I’m here to tell you that John’s Partnership to Success program is part of that 1%.

P2S is not for most people, but if you are seriously minded about getting started in this industry you will need a mentor who has a proven track record, and is knowledgeable and able to teach you step by step to create a solid foundation in branding yourself in order to build a long lasting established business.

I was very nervous when I first joined not knowing if I would be able to get by some of the obstacles many face in starting in IM. John has quickly gave me the confidence and know how for me to be able to say yes I can make this work. This coaching program may be more expensive than your typical IM course, but after a few weeks of purchasing John’s coaching program I have really surprised myself in what I could accomplish.

To be honest, I consider P2S to be an education more so than just an IM course. This is something that will benefit you in the long run unlike spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to go to college only to end up in debt with a minimum wage job. Once you join you’ll quickly notice the community there, which is full of like minded people willing to help each other and share information. The private facebook group is simply amazing. I have not went full time online just yet, but at this rate that will become a reality for me real soon 🙂

The key is to stay positive, take action, and remain focused. These are the basic ingredients with having the right mentor and strategy to start off with. Thank you all and good luck to your success!




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