Serving Others is The Only Way to Success Online

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately as to why I haven't had much success in the past in IM, partially because I was too focused on the monetary gain rather than what's more important, helping to solve the problems of others. Though the concept is nothing new, many still overlook this simple aspect of the online marketing world. Many marketers claim to wanna help others, but their intentions may not be truly genuine and times may be coupled with false sincerity.


The Paradigm Shift

I really had to change my mind about marketing in general and to start focusing on giving more content and the needs of the actual person. Once I did that, not only did I receive gratification by doing so, but I can actually see that I had made a big impact on the person I shared the info with. That can really give you momentum when you truly help someone in need.

Also, it actually enhances your marketing skills in general which also helps your credibility as well since you're one of the few who is there to serve people and not exploit them like most marketers. You slowly become a natural authority to the point where people start to view you as trustworthy and begin recommending your services to others. 

Scoffed at by Roguish Marketers

​You know I find it really funny that whenever your honesty starts to shine upon the deceitfulness that is in the industry, the ones who are actually dishonest and immoral supposedly try to call you out when they are the ones who mislead people.

They will say that people like me are "haters" and that when need to put someone else down to make ourselves feel better. But the truth is that we just want to save people as much heartache and pain as possible so that it can lead them on the right path much faster without all the trial and error. But the good thing is that more honest marketers are taking advantage of the platform that we have today so that the right info can reach more people in the time we are living in right now. 

If you are reading this, please don't be another scum marketer who seeks to take advantage of newcomers who want to truly learn and work hard at this business. Stop trying to make a buck off of them and tell them the truth. The truth is very unpopular and it will separate you from the frauds who only live to mislead and hoodwink people into falling in a virtual ditch.

If I am too harsh on the bad apples, please let me know where I'm wrong in this, because I really believe there's not enough high quality ethics in our marketplace.


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