How To Spot Red Flags On A Sales Page

Today I want to take the time to help some of the IM newbies out there that may fall into the trap of deceptive sales pages. In this post I will list some key points that you may see on a sales page confirming that you may want to be cautious when considering to go any further.

1.  An off the wall unrealistic claim in the title

homeless man makes $200,000 in less than 48 hours by a few pushes of a button

As ridiculous as that sounds, it is common to have some newbies that will indeed take the bait on things such as this. So if you do see anything similar as this you may want to run far away as possible.

2.  The sales page and/or product creator talks more about what the training is not rather than what the program is about or entails

This is not: SEO, Article Marketing, PPC, Video Marketing, List Building, Social Media, Product Creation. You Do Not Need a Website, a Domain, No Technical Skills Needed etc.

Well what the hell is it about then? I even see some of them go as far as saying if you know how to turn on a computer then you are good to go. I get disgusted seeing dishonest guru sharks take advantage of people. Again, ignore these bogus claims and don’t look back.

3.  You see a huge mansion, Lamborghini, and Yachts galore that are obviously rented just for the sake of the promotional sales video

In many cases they make it so obvious that they do not own nor even live at the location where the promo video is being shot. I myself have often seen the exact same mansion or condo being used for different product launches with each of the different product owners claiming to own the property. So you can go ahead and scratch off hyped up fancy luxuries off the list.

4.  No refunds No money back guarantee

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t care how good the program claims to be, or how ethical the product creator may seem. NEVER EVER INVEST INTO ANY PROGRAM THAT DOES NOT ALLOW REFUNDS…. PERIOD!

And I would also like to add that the training should give you at least 30 days to try it out. Some gurus are starting to get sneaky offering only a 7 or 10  day refund without even mentioning it on the sales page. I urge you to be careful and not fall victim to these unethical practices.

5.  False Scarcity/Fake Countdown Timer

Now let me interject something here real quick. This doesn’t always necessarily mean that its a scam. I have purchased a program or two where this tactic was being used and surprisingly they turned out to be some decent products and some good also. In all honesty, digital products are not limited to how many copies can be sold, only physical. More often than not, usually when a timer goes to zero, the product may be closed for a day or 2 (a week at the most) and would be reopened again.

These are just a few alarms that should ring when analyzing a particular sales page. I’m pretty sure there are more that are not listed here. I would really appreciate your comments and opinions about more red flags that might be overlooked. I hope this was helpful to some of you, thanks again and please share!


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Christine - September 7, 2015


Great post.

Agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Aaron - September 9, 2015

    Thanks Christine, just wanted to give a little help to some people out there. Many times there isn’t enough honesty in today’s industry.


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