How To Defeat Procrastination And Focus On Your Business

We often find ourselves putting things off and not making every minute of the hour count towards our business.

I will share a few ways of how I get rid of procrastination and gain additional time for the more important tasks.

Keep in my these ideas are nothing new, but they are essential if you are serious about time management.

Sacrifice Going Out With Friends

This is a very common one. You may get the urge to want to go out on a Friday night to the club and party, but you need to force yourself to say no even if your peers beg you. More than likely your friends will still be there 6 months from now or a year from now. So its not like you’ll never hang out with them again.

The point is that your online asset is more important than a shot of tequila at a bar. Your friends may joke around and tease you for not going, but just remember, while they’re out partying and “living it up” you are building a real business that in the long run will enable you to have more time to do the things you want.

And when your business does get going smoothly, those same people that would rag on you for staying home are the ones that will be jealous and shocked wondering how you’re able to not have to work a 9 to 5.

Turn Off That Television!

The boob tube can be quite addictive, especially if you are the type that watches every soap opera known to man, or just your average Netflix junkie. If there is an episode or movie you would love to see, just record it and watch it another time. Please do not get distracted by YouTube as it can surely eat your time away with out you even giving a second thought. Obviously you need the internet in order to work on your virtual craft, just don’t get swayed into Facebook or entertainment websites.

It will be tough but hey, so is building a business; Always remember that.

Visit Quiet Public Places

It may be a good idea to visit your local public library or a coffee shop early in the morning where the noise level is very minimal and you’re more likely to focus your energy on an important project and not really get distracted. You may also find it very relaxing in helping brainstorm certain proposals in your business.

Also, you get done with more tasks in twice the amount of time than if you were at home with family.

Eat Right & Stay Well Rested

This may not be taken seriously by some, but it does play a big part in focus and attention span. Having a nutritional breakfast and getting a proper amount of sleep could be the difference between you being able to have a high level of energy, or you being so fatigue that your body is only in the mood for you to be a couch potato and be in a sluggish like state of mind.

All these things mentioned here are just a few important factors that when combined with discipline, and persistence will surely help to keep you in good shape to not slack off and stay directed towards your business. Take action and the sky is the limit!


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