Counterfeit Misleading Product Reviews

Lets face it, nowadays you have a low 1-2% chance of ever coming across a real honest review.

And those chances are getting even slimmer as time goes on.

It can get so frustrating and annoying when you truly want some insight as to what a particular product is about only to find out its the same common bait and switch tactic to sell you on a different offer.

The common tactic may go something like this:

  • They use the word “scam” right after the product name
  • They tell you to not buy “such an such” product until you have read their “honest” review
  • The title will read “why you shouldn’t buy (product name)”
  • Or how about “I’m not an affiliate for this product so I am not trying to sell you on it, but you may want to buy this other product (misleading bait and switch).

It would not be such a big deal if the person were to tell you right upfront that they’ve not purchased the product, but still have opinions and perspectives to what they think it might entail or maybe go into detail about the claims of the sales page.

There are countless YouTube channels and websites that are nothing but fake, dishonest, shady reviews that have saturated the net as a whole. Although there are sites like Warrior Forum where you are able to find legitimate reviews from time to time. But even WF has became a little corrupt over the years as they have allowed scammers to dwell there. I’ve seen very honest threads about a particular product vanish or banned users because of true info that was exposing the immoral deceitfulness that such products have.

Useless Bonuses

As you all know when buying a product through someone, you see the many bonuses that the person has to offer. Many times majority of so called bonuses are in fact utter trash and will do nothing to help within your business besides distract you from taking true action.

There are times when I see a bonus that goes above and beyond the value of the actual product itself. Even though its rare, the one on one over the phone consultations usual come from those who have a true genuine character about themselves that want to help others in need. I would rather have one extremely good bonus that compliments the main product, than to have a thousand bonuses which I know will only end up taking up space on my computer hard drive.

 Valuable Bonuses

As a mentioned before, a one on one consultation is truly priceless in terms of value because the person on the receiving end can pick the brains of someone that may be more successful than they are in terms of marketing experience. They also will get an in depth knowledge of how a certain business should be approached depending on the model chosen. There are some marketers that have given their full complete courses just for someone deciding to purchase through them.

Another attribute is mastermind groups; Which can fast track your success when sharing information within your inner circle to those of like mind. This type of bonus will last you for years to come because you develop long lasting relationships with certain people who you network with in the IM community.

Now lets talk a bit about free gadgets; I wouldn’t necessarily consider this valuable or useless for that matter because even though it doesn’t help us in our businesses, who doesn’t love free electronics? Its not totally pointless because we all could use a new smart phone, Ipad or 50 inch flat screen. The only problem is that someone who is not really interested in the main product might buy just to get the new gadget as a bonus, only to refund their initial investment later.

And last but not least, free tickets to a live event; This one by far may top the charts in value. You have the opportunity to meet people, make partnerships, and learn high-end information that could probably give you some ideas to implement in your current business or find a way to remodel and replicate the success of another respected marketer.

My intent is to bring some awareness to you all in this post, and hopefully you will catch some of the red flags regarding shady review sites. I urge you to not even entertain the idea of a marketer wanting to help you who offers a galore of watered down bonuses.


Stay focused, be persistent, take action and success will be right around the corner. 🙂







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