Monthly Archives: July 2015

Counterfeit Misleading Product Reviews

Lets face it, nowadays you have a low 1-2% chance of ever coming across a real honest review.

And those chances are getting even slimmer as time goes on.

It can get so frustrating and annoying when you truly want some insight as to what a particular product is about only to find out its the same common bait and switch tactic to sell you on a different offer.

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Why I Will Never Be Involved In MLM

This is a warning to all passionate MLM lovers out there, this post might cause some controversy.  So read at your own discretion.

Now since I have that out of the way, today I want to discuss some bitter truths as to why I choose not to participate in what I’d say is a sleazy unethical business model. Even though there are those who are having some success in the mlm arena, its largely due to shady practices that are preyed among people who are and continue to become subjects to hype, false promises, and are somewhat naive desperately seeking to make an honest living online.

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