About Aaron

The Rigorous Beginning 


11141346_1402994310027765_5932265969488345419_nMy name is Aaron and at the age of 26 I have been through a tons of lies and mishaps in my journey in this life.

So here goes, I graduated from high school in 2008 looking to play basketball in college which I had high hopes for to eventually make it to the NBA. As I was told going to college is the ultimate ticket to success in this world.

Boy did I get a rude awakening!

I majored in computer science at Faulkner State, which is a small community college in Baldwin County, Alabama. During my one year that I spent there it seemed nothing ever went my way, I didn’t learn anything that would enhance my ability to become self sufficient in this world and neither did the classes I took have anything to do with my major. So after that one year at Faulkner I was back at home.

Continual Deception

At this point I’m wondering what I should do with my life, so my mother insists that I go back to college to “better myself” and become more “educated”.

So on one evening when watching TV, I came across this ITT Tech commercial (which I’m sure many of you have seen) making several claims about people having successful careers and living the “American Dream”.

So being as naive as I was to the false advertising, I took the bait hook line and sinker. Within the next week or so my mother and I went down to the financial aid office, in which I sadly found out I didn’t qualify for any grants or scholarships. Well you can guess what happened next, I took out a huge loan from Sallie Mae (which is now called Navient) for about $23,000. My mother took out the other $30,000, but had no understanding of debt and neither did I.

The counselors there were steadily telling me that “this is the best investment you’ll ever make” and “you are guaranteed to be successful and will pay off your debt eventually”. Well that sounded good to my ears as they were telling me exactly what I wanted to hear.

A False Sense of Accomplishments

So when I enrolled at ITT as a computer Science major I noticed that I was still taking classes that were unrelated to my major. But I stuck through the training over some months and made the deans list 2 quarters in a row.

I was so excited and thought that I was doing well and I would be making good money after I graduate (or so I thought).

Well even though we did hands on work in the classroom, it still didn’t amount to the challenges I would face finding my dream job (if such a thing exists) in the real world.

Long story short, I graduated from ITT in June of 2011 and my family was so proud of me that they had the whole family come over to have a get together at our house so everyone could congratulate me in my “so called accomplishments”.

 The Hard Reality & A Feeling of Betrayal

Well weeks and months went by and I had no luck finding any job let alone finding one in my career field. And even when I did get some interviews I lacked the proper work experience that was necessary to perform the job.

Fortunately, I was able to get minimum wage jobs here and there. Funny thing is I was always the guy that never called in or get sick not even once  during the time I worked those jobs.

I would bust my ass constantly time and time again for corporate america and would get taken advantage of because of my unique physical work ethic. From then I would always turn around and get fired because management would always have “favorites” and abuse their power. I started to ask myself questions like what did I ever do or didn’t do to deserve such a drastic misfortunes in my life.

A Heart of Bitterness Envy & Jealousy

So at that point in my life I would often look at my brother, sister, cousins and other family members who had no debt and were doing better than I am. My brother who owns  a house and a truck paid for with no debt, and here I was almost $25,000 in debt and I don’t own a damn thing.

I often wish I dropped out of high school and started working immediately or at least took up a skilled trade after I turned 18. In doing so I would’ve got myself financially equipped early on and got my life well established much sooner knowing what I know today.

The whole point of me going to college was to become more successful than my siblings and friends or to at least be more well off. Funny thing is that the exact opposite happened, I was literally worse off than all my peers.

I really deceived myself all these years in trusting the educational and financial advice that society considers the “norm”. I have decided from now on what ever the majority of society does or says, I know to go in the opposite direction.

Finally A True Glimmer of Hope

One day I discovered that the internet is a extremely valuable resource for education, starting a business, or just looking for a solution to a particular problem in order to be informed in certain areas. For this reason I turned to the internet to make a living online.

Well as in the beginning of my online journey like many others, I ran across scam after scam, but I didn’t let that discourage me from giving up. I haven’t quit my day job just yet, though I’m slowly but surely gaining the confidence to make this a reality. I extremely encourage you all to stay positive in the matter and don’t let family and friends discourage you from reaching your goals.

I would say that I’ve learned quite a lot in this short time I’ve been on this earth and continue to grow in grace and knowledge every single day. My fellow IM’s, browsers, or whoever you may be, I hope you found something positive in my message and may peace dwell in your place.


To your success in life, Shalom…

Aaron Riggins